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Practice Areas

Bankruptcy and General Litigation

  It is sometimes counterproductive for Yosina M. Lissebeck to tell people that she is a    bankruptcy attorney.  Most of the time, potential clients think they have no need for her  services unless they are faced with an actual bankruptcy.  It is true that as a bankruptcy  attorney, Yosina can help individuals and businesses with a number of creditor/debtor related  issues.  But even more important, she is a true general practitioner, able to assist in a variety  of ways.  Yosina is a skilled transactional attorney: able to review loan and security  agreements, real estate contracts, purchase agreements, business formation documents,  partnership agreements, trust and estate documents, and a whole host of other transactional  documents.  She is also an experienced litigator: able to appear in court on law and motion  matters, fraud claims, assist with receivership issues, litigate breach of contract claims,  conduct trials, and a variety of other matters.  So no matter what your legal needs are, Yosina  can help you!